Jun 07, 2017 · The ST450 MKii is arguably the most popular Ambisonic microphone on the market. The outboard control unit makes it easy to operate the microphone in the field. SoundField SPS200 ($3,567). A software-controlled microphone option.
The Beethoven Orchestra Bonn played under the direction of conductor Dirk Kaftan . From the first listen-through of the raw version of the recording, the realism of the sound was already surprising. Listening to the Ambisonics B format of the AMBEO VR Mic set up at the position near the flute, the bassoon sounded slightly oblique in the left ear and the clarinet diagonally behind in the right ...
Apr 3, 2018 - Core Sound TetraMic is the finest sounding, lowest cost and most compact single-point Ambisonic surround sound microphone available. Explore Food And Drink
Ambisonics content can be folded down to stereo automatically, without requiring a dedicated downmix. The most straightforward approach is to sample the B-format with a virtual stereo microphone. The result is equivalent to a coincident stereo recording.